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Mayor Eddie B. Alfred, Jr. 
712 Third Avenue
Fenton, LA  70640
(337) 756-2321 office
(337) 756-2242 fax


I would like to thank the citizens of the Village of Fenton for granting me the privilege of serving as your Mayor.  Being born and raised in Fenton and a homeowner in Fenton, I have made it my top priority to bring you the quality of life you deserve.  During my administration, a partnership has been built between City Hall and the community.  This new relationship is forging new solutions and a unified vision for the Village of Fenton.

The Village of Fenton is on a path of transformation and faces extraordinary opportunities as well as challenges.  GOD has given me a bold vision and commitment to see these changes through, to create a town that is progressing as a whole; where leaders are held accountable for their actions and work collectively regardless of political affiliation.


We are working hard to bring change to our community and are trying to create an atmosphere where people treat each other with care and respect.

Once again I thank you for this opportunity to serve you, as I have an open door policy and welcome any questions or concerns.


Mayor Eddie B. Alfred Jr.

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